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What Are Your Decluttering Habits

Decluttering is a necessary evil. We all have to do it. Most of us learn these habits as a child. Did your parents make you clean up your room before bedtime? Did you clean out and purge your toy room before your birthday or Christmas? I love clothes. I am sure this may come as... Read more »

What To Do When Working With A Hoarder

Hoarding is a very sensitive issue. It is caused by a variety of emotions that include depression, addiction, and ocd. It can be a very challenging time for the person and their family. Everyone wants to jump in and help. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle these situations. The Institute... Read more »

Seasonal Organization- Put That Holiday Stuff Away

When helping clients get organized, I always find a few pieces of holiday stuff. That ornament that didn’t make the box or that decoration that was forgotten and still hanging on the wall. The left over holiday items that lay in a pile. Lets not forget the holiday linen that is taking up much needed... Read more »

Quantity And Usuage- Determining What You Need

I was at a pool party on the third of July when a lady complimented me on my sarong. It was a purchase that I got on a vacation in Mexico years ago. I told her that I wished I had bought a few more. Then I thought about it. Even though its quite pretty,... Read more »

Simple Steps To Help You Clear Out A Home During A Divorce

They say one in two marriages end in divorce. Its not something any of us want to think about in our future. But if we are forced to travel down that fork in the road, we have a lot of things to deal with besides emotions-THE STUFF. The longer you have been in your home,... Read more »

Why You Should Purge On A Regular Basis

As you can imagine, I have been called in to purge homes that people have lived in for 30 plus years. And they are quite full. I always ask “Why didn’t you purge each year?” I always get the same response ” Why should we, there was plenty of room.” And that full home will... Read more »

The Second Bedroom Syndrome; Catching It All

In the city, its a huge upgrade to have an extra bedroom. For several years I worked out of my living room and let guests have the master(the only) when they came to visit. Too many times to count, I have seen this extra room become a catch all. It may have started out as... Read more »

Organizing Projects; A Timeline

It makes me want to cry when someone hires me for a huge job and books me for only three hours. It happens all the time. Today I am heading out to the southside for a three hour booking. The clients want the kitchen, master closet, and garage organized. This isn’t possible! Not even with... Read more »

Moving in: Taking the Stress out of cohabitating

Oh the joys of sharing space with the one you love. It can be heaven and it can be hell. Life is what you make of it. Read below as I describe the different scenerios of space sharing and how to make it work. SCENERIO NUMBER ONE: One of you moves in with the other... Read more »

Kids Craft Area; Clean it up

Everytime I visit my sister, I always ask if there is a project I can do. I know you are supposed to rest on vacation, but that just isn’t my MO. This time she asked if I could organize the kids craft area. An easy project, right? The storage for crafts consisted of one large... Read more »