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Car Organization- What You Should Keep In Your Car

Are you always rushing out to your car, hands full, praying you didn’t forget anything? That is the case with most of us. Then you get halfway to your destination and realize that you forget something. Was it your sunglasses? The garmin(can’t live without mine)? Whatever the forgotten item, its causes us stress. As with... Read more »

National Car Care Month 2014-Organizing Your Vehicle

Who knew April is National Car Care month? The Car is an extension of your home and tends to be neglected when it comes to organization. Many of our cars have dual purposes. I use my car not only for transportation to work and fun, but as a hauling vehicle. Yes, the Rav can fit... Read more »

Car organization; Why because its an extension of your home and office

Yes people have paid me to organize their cars. The car is the extension of your home and office. Many of us spend up to two plus hours a day in the car commuting to and from work. Others spend all day in and out of their car in a sales territory (this used to... Read more »