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How To Meal Plan While Sheltering At Home

I guess that its safe to assume with everyone sheltering at home, and the grocery stores being pretty bare sometimes, people are doing some serious cooking. What better way to keep yourself busy and your family fed! Cooking has always been a passion of mine. I am enjoying having some time to do a little... Read more »

Tiny Projects To Keep You Busy During Shelter In Place

If you are like me, you are used to jumping out of bed every morning and hitting the ground running. Not so much these past few weeks. We are all on lock down and sheltering in place. I don’t think its been easy for anyone. My motto has been stay busy stay sane. Each day... Read more »

Keeping An Inventory - Keeping You Cluttered

We all like to save time and money. So it makes sense to keep an inventory, right? Well- it can be a good thing but it also can cause you to have clutter. Lets talk about what and where you should keep things. Keeping an inventory is good: 1. Able to find and access your... Read more »

Managing All Those Keys- Tips For Creating a Key Center

One thing I always find when cleaning out a person’s home is keys. Yup. Keys and more keys. As time passes, we forget about these items and toss them in a drawer. Then one day, during a cleaning and organizing session, we find a pile of them. What do they go to? Where do they... Read more »

Get Organized- Starting Off 2018 On the Right Track

And so another year has passed. January is deemed “GO” month or get organized month by¬† NAPO. I find that many people, myself included want to start off the year clean and fresh. What about you? I always analyze the year before and see how I can make things better. What worked and what didn’t... Read more »

The Top Five Clutter Zones In Your Home

Many times clutter equals wasted money. You know those items that you forgot to return. The food you never ate. The toiletries you meant to use that went bad. These are the top five areas of your home where clutter lurks. Bedroom Closet- With more and more retailers tightening up their return policies, people are... Read more »

10 Reasons Why You Have Clutter

Clutter- if you aren’t careful it can multiply and take over your home. Here are the top ten reasons why you have clutter and what to do about it!! You don’t do your laundry on a regular basis and you buy more clothes. This is the quickest way to overfill your closet and dresser. Stop... Read more »

How To Use Your Prime Space

Prime space is defined as the space around you. The space within reach and at eye level. This space is the easiest to access. This space should be used to store the things that you use the most. Its important to clearly define what should be stored in this space. Below, I have given you... Read more »

How To Zone Your Space

When you have rooms that function in multiple capacities, you need to set up zones or stations to accommodate your functions. It could be as simple as dedicating a few cabinets to the cause or having the appropriate shelving. Here are some examples of rooms that need to be zoned. THE KITCHEN * Food prep... Read more »

Stop Shuffling Your Papers- Process Them

There comes a time in all our lives, when we have lots of things on our plate to deal with. It could be a medical issue, a death in the family, or even compiling tax information. We take one look and we are stuck. We start moving piles and not processing them. Then we fall... Read more »