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How To Be An Organized Traveler

Its t minus five days till another Kelly family vacation. Yep, the parents planned it right smack dad in the middle of busy organizing season. I have been trying to complete as many projects as possible before I head out east for some family fun. As with any vacation, I start early. This first thing... Read more »

Travel Sized and Hotel Toiletries- The Waste Factor

It never fails, when I am clearing out a bathroom or linen closet, I find old travel sized or hotel toiletries. Its human nature to take the stuff from hotels. We all do it.  We take it cause its there or we feel we can use it in the future. That is the key- using... Read more »

Vacation Prep- Getting Your Travel On Without Forgetting Anything

Starting yesterday, the airports and highways were flooded with travelers going to spend the holidays with family and friends. Before you can jump on that plane or get in the car, you have to prep for vacation. Easier said then done at times. I have my rituals before I travel. Crazy as it may seem,... Read more »

How To Be An Organized Traveler

In the midst of all the craziness of work, I had to plan for a trip. Yup, I am taking a much needed break. Some people are professional travelers, they have their system down. Others throw it all in a suitcase and hope they don’t forget anything. Me, I have my own system. Here is... Read more »