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Storage Units Should Be Usable-Not The Land Of The Lost

City living can be tough. Lack of space and neighbors all around. Its a different way of life then that big old house in the burbs. The biggest challenge people face is trying to fit their stuff in their space. One place that is often neglected or stuffed to the gills and left is the... Read more »

Ten Items You Don't Need Accessible In Your Home

Most of us have limited storage or space in our homes. Often I find people have put things in prime space that they don’t use on a regular basis. Here is my top ten list of things that can be stored and don’t have to be right in front of you. 1. Photo Albums- Unless... Read more »

Defining Your Space- A Must To Stay Organized

Big house, lots of storage equals one lucky person. It also can equal misc items in many places unless you define your space. Whether you have a big home or small condo, you need to define your space and storage areas. A home with undefined space can end up being a dumping ground for misc... Read more »

The Single Thing That Wastes The Most Space In Your Home- Bags

Every week, I end up doing what I call the “Bag Intervention”. Bags are the biggest waste of space in ones home. They are clumsy, hard to store, and take up valuable space. They end up in piles at the bottom of a closet or cabinet. Why do we feel the need to keep all... Read more »

Is Bigger Better? The Downside of Having a Big Home

Is bigger better? That is what they say in Texas. The home of big hair and then some. What about houses? Is having a big home helpful or hurtful? I am seeing a trend of people that are downsizing not because they have to but because they want to live a more simple life. Less... Read more »

Light Bulbs and the other stuff we have too much of

Everyone has light bulb love. Its just one of the things that we all have too much of in our space.  Often, they are located in many different places around the home. In drawers, cabinets, and random places, you can find them.  Here are the items I think most homes have too much of: 1.... Read more »

Lack Of Space For Storage; Use your Attic or Crawl Space

When potential clients call me and complain about their lack of storage space, the first thing that I ask them is: DO YOU HAVE AN ATTIC, CRAWL SPACE, BASEMENT, OR GARAGE?? It always amazes me how many of us don’t use all our space. I don’t like it! Its dark and dirty! It’s hard for... Read more »

Off Site, On Site Storage; What Should Go Where

Sometimes onsite storage isn’t enough space for your items. I can’t believe that I just said that! Someone smack me!!  On site storage is the unit that is provided by your condo. If you are in a vintage building, you may have a walk in unit that looks like a horse stall(like this lucky chick)... Read more »