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Top Five Areas Of Your Home That Need Spring Cleaning

I thought Spring was almost here – then we got some snow last night. Even after living here for 20 years the Chicago weather never seems to amaze me. While most people around the country are basking in sunshine, we are still at the end of the winter season. Even so, its time to think... Read more »

What's In Your File Cabinet - National Organize Your Files Week 2015

Did you know that the third week of April is National Organize Your Files Week? Yes it is. Every January, I purge the small file system that I have(I am pretty much paperless). In a perfect world, we would all start out the new year with files being cleaned out, purged, and archived. What’s in... Read more »

Spring is Here, How To Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning/Organizing

Welcome to Spring. And yes, In Chicago we woke up to snow. Thankfully, it stopped and the sun came out. I am starting to feel hopeful. Along with Spring, comes the tradition of Spring Cleaning. In some cultures, the cleaning of the whole house is a tradition. Everything is moved, dusted, and mopped. Do you... Read more »

Saving Toys For The Grandkids- Should You?

Toys and books are pretty darn expensive. And these days there are so many more choices then when I was a youngster. The childhood staple of games have remained the same, but there are so many new items. Legos alone can fill a whole room (yes, I have designed lego rooms). So after your kids... Read more »

Three Projects That Should Be At The Top Of Your Spring Cleaning List

It may not look or feel like it, but spring is right around the corner. Aside from the sunshine, green grass, and nights spent outside, there is that age old tradition of spring cleaning. Don’t shoot the messenger. Its that time to put on those gloves, get out the mop and dust pan – go... Read more »

Mini Projects to Help Jump Start Organizing Your Home

Spring cleaning is just around the corner. One day, hopefully soon, if the strong grips of Chiberia let us go, we will be able to open our windows and breath the fresh air. The grass will be green and the flowers will bloom. Do you participate in the tradition of spring cleaning? Do you tackle... Read more »

Spring Cleaning; The Two Rooms That Need It Most

I know that I am a little late to the game for a spring cleaning article. Its hard to get your spring on when the weatherman is predicting snow. That is just how we roll in the midwest. Every year, Americans jump on the spring cleaning/organizing wagon. Yes, this organizer is running around in circles... Read more »