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Suburban Chicago Cities Go Green and Get Clean

As Ringo Star says-  “I get by with a little help from my friends.” And so the suburban cities of Chicago are getting cleaner and greener with upcoming recycling events. What more perfect way to promote spring cleaning than a recycling/shredding event. Starting in March, they are popping up all over the place. Just take... Read more »

Earth Day 2015- Simple Changes You Can Make To Be "Green"

Today is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. This day was created to promote taking care of our planet. With mass consumption and large levels of debris, its important that we learn how to better use our resources. It starts with you. Everyone can make changes to be more “green.” I am always looking for... Read more »

Recycling Your Exes Stuff; A Big No No

People come and go from our lives. Everyone leaves an impression on us in one way or another and some leave their stuff. Several years ago I was having dinner at a new guys place. He was proudly showing me around his place and felt the need to show me his closets(as many people do).... Read more »

The Reality of Recycling; It's a Time Suck

Green is the new black. Everyone is jumping on the recycling bandwagon. Myself included! Last week I left a clients home with a loaded down car. In order to dispose of everything properly, here is what I did: * First stop was to salvation army to drop off donations. * Next up was Pearl Vision... Read more »

CD's and VHS Tapes, Yes You Can Recycle Them

I am pretty darn green. I try not to waste and reuse things if possible. Each week, I take any plastic bags (usually from the newspaer and bread bags) to Target to recycle. I recycle in the blue bins and I even have a metal man on my speed dial. When I bring home clothes... Read more »

Chicago's Recycling Program Sucks; My not so cool solution

You know you have seen me do it! Sometimes you turn your head. I am sure some of you take a picture and post it on facebook(just like I take pictures of the bad “train fashion”). I can’t help it. I have no choice. Due to the challenges of recycling in Chicago- I am become... Read more »

Out with the Old, In With the New; Do you Let the Old Go?

When I came home with my new car the other day, I headed straight toward my filing cabinet(you know where this story is headed). I purged my old car papers and replaced them with my new car papers. Actually some of old papers were in a folder that I had taken car shopping. I found... Read more »

The Guilt of the toss; Somethings are just trash

Green is the new black as they say! Going green and learning to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is essential for our environment. We are constantly looking for new ways to reuse, recycle, and avoid waste in our lives.  I just ordered reusuable bags especially made for fruits and veggies so I can eliminate another... Read more »