Category: pantry organization

Food and Waste- Getting It All Under Control

Lately I have adopted a new way of shopping. Its pretty much what they do in Europe. They buy fresh and they buy less at a time. It has really helped me cut down on waste when it comes to food products. The average American family wastes up to $500 a year on food. This... Read more »

Neglected Space- Areas of The Home We Tend To Forget About

Every home has it-neglected space. You know the areas that you don’t clean or purge on a regular basis. They turn into shoving matches- everything is fighting for space. Things spill, get wasted, and are forgotten. We simply need to tackle this spaces every once in awhile. Pull it all out, wipe it down, and... Read more »

What not to stock up on in your pantry

The pantry- home of the good, bad, and expired. I have seen it all. It amuses me that I find the same unused and expired items in the majority of homes. Here is my top list of what you should not stock up on in the pantry. * Spices- Unless your family is the size... Read more »