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Are You A Shifter

Do you love nothing better than discovering new organizing systems and making changes? Are you constantly moving stuff around, relabeling, or even switching the function of a whole room? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a “SHIFTER.” So what you as is a Shifter? A Shifter is a person that never... Read more »

10 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Aside from being a professional organizer and a blogger, I am a speaker. Each year I give anywhere from 12 to 15 speeches on organization. My most popular speech is includes my top tips to get and stay organized. These tips also help you simplify your life. Who doesn’t want to lead a more simple... Read more »

Start Out 2020- Organized

Ah The New Year- my favorite time. Yes, part of it is due to the fact that we can purge last year and start again. There are so many little things we can do to start out this year in an organized and efficient manner. Here are some of my favorites! 1. If you haven’t... Read more »

Where To Start When You Purge Your Whole House

When I am hired to do a whole house purge, I always start in the basement or attic. Time and time again, this mystifies my clients. Why do I choose these areas? These tend to be the places of the forgotten stuff. By cleaning out the attic and the basement, you provide space for items... Read more »

An Organizer's Top Tips For Getting Organized

Everyone wants to know the secret on how to get and stay organized. My most popular speech is the one that includes my top tips on organization. Here are some of them! 1. Limit the incoming * Get your bills online and pay them online – this saves 80 to 100 dollars per year *... Read more »

The Hardest Stuff To Organize

People always ask me what is the hardest stuff to organize.Is it paper? Clothing? That basement? Nope, its the little stuff. Its all those little items that don’t really have a defined space or category. Lets define these items. 1. Those little figurines. They could have come from relatives, McDonald’s lunches, or even the Hallmark... Read more »

Managing All Those Keys- Tips For Creating a Key Center

One thing I always find when cleaning out a person’s home is keys. Yup. Keys and more keys. As time passes, we forget about these items and toss them in a drawer. Then one day, during a cleaning and organizing session, we find a pile of them. What do they go to? Where do they... Read more »

Things I Don't Stock Up On Anymore

Space is a premium. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions on how we want to use our space. What is important and what do we want around us. We learn a lot of our organizing skills through our parents, friends, and coworkers. We all have things that we stock up on and things we... Read more »

Simple Systems And Why They Work

Tomorrow night I am hosting a group of design professional for a Meet Up meeting in my home. I am sure they will be amazed to see how simple my space is organized. I don’t have a lot of fancy organizing systems. I simply have what I need to make my home work.  I keep... Read more »

Tidee Box- Small Organizing Items that Make a Difference

First there was Birchbox, then Barkbox, now there is Tidee Box for those of us that love organizing systems. This was the brain child of Professional Organizer Tamar Bazin. Being an organizing diva, I had to check it out. My first thought was – would these products be useful or would they just add more... Read more »