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Managing All Those Cords

At most homes, there is a cord bin or two.  With technology on the rise, this  will only increase. There seems to be a cord for everything. Sometimes its easier for people to just put them in a bin then to set up a system for their cords. And so the cord bin starts to... Read more »

How to Organize Medical Paperwork

Whether your are a senior or a parent with a child with special needs, you have paper! Lots of paper. There is no way around it! Its essential that you keep a good system. Especially if you or your child is under the care of multiple doctors. The first thing to do is to identify... Read more »

Why Haven't You Gone Paperless?

I was so excited when I started my business 11 years ago. I had my business cards, website, and work bag all ready to go. I was networking like crazy and all was well in the world. Then my boyfriend told me one thing was missing- me going paperless. What do you mean? I am... Read more »

How To Set Up A Home Based Business

More and more I am seeing people running business’ out of their home. I have for the last 11 years. There is nothing better than working out of the house. Its a short commute, you can have all the free coffee or tea that you want, and take meetings in your jammies. For the first... Read more »

Organize Your Business for 2014

If you are a business owner, you have a double whammy. You have to organize yourself for the new year and your business. I fall into that category as well. So after I purged the old taxes, paperwork, and did a quick purge of my place, I started on my business. Here are some tips... Read more »

The Mobile Office; Working out of your Car

If you are in any type of sales or service position, more than likely, you will find yourself working out of your car. Yes, a car isn’t just for transportation anymore. It has to be functional and work for you in many other ways. Check out my new wheels! How I love my new Rav4!!... Read more »