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How To Organize a Small Condo Kitchen

I am convinced that none of the architects for these nice Chicago buildings like to cook. I feel like they design these beautiful sleek kitchens for those that have a “dining out” lifestyle. As an organizer, I always find them space challenged. I always arrive with a bunch of containers and a can do attitude.... Read more »

Cooking In An Organized Fashion

Who doesn’t love to cook a good meal. But the aftermath can be quite traumatic. Yes, I am talking about the mess. I have seen the cleanest  kitchens turn into a tornado after meal prep. So let me give you a few tips on how to keep your kitchen in order while you cook. Open... Read more »

Ultimate Kitchen Cabinet Decluttering Checklist

Those kitchen cabinets. If you don’t zone your space, they can become a crammed with misc items. Our friends at Tri Star Cabinets put together a great resource for organizing  your kitchen cabinets! Take a look below!   So what are you waiting for? Get those cabinets organized!!!

Things to Ponder When Designing a Kitchen

I have seen many a kitchen in my time. From huge mansions to small condos. And you want to know a secret- most of them are not 100% functional. They sure are pretty though. With that being said, I feel that kitchens are the most challenging rooms to organize. There are no cookie cutter solutions.... Read more »

Simple Tips on How To Organize Your Kitchen

I love to cook. When I am not organizing, you will probably find me in my kitchen whipping something up and making a mess. Anyone that loves to cook knows that a well organized and stocked kitchen makes cooking and mealtimes a lot easier. Here are some simple tips to help you create “zones” in... Read more »

National Simplify Your Life Week 2014- 5 Ways To Simplify Your Kitchen

The kitchen, the center of the home. The space were we break bread, share stories, and use as a mobile office. Many times this space is overfilled. With all the cool kitchen gadgets and the new health fads, the kitchen has become a place of entry not exit. We shove stuff in those deep cabinets... Read more »

The Love Affair with Tupperware- I Just Don't Get It

Call me crazy! I don’t understand the fascination with tupperware. Everyone has tupperware love but me. Like paper, I am convinced that tupperware breeds like bunnies. The lids slither away never to be found again. Everyone has “that” cabinet. You know the one of the tupperware lost. The big pile. You open the cabinet and... Read more »

Organize Your Meal Prep

Besides organizing, I love to cook. You can find me in my kitchen cooking up a storm several times per week. I love to try new recipes. Some people don’t cook because they don’t like to clean up. Some just don’t enjoy the process. Here are some tips to cut down your time in the... Read more »

Simple Steps To Organizing A Kitchen

The kitchen. In my opinion, is the most challenging room in the home to organize. Why, you ask? Most kitchens are designed to fit a space, not a function. Everyone uses their kitchen a little differently. There are people like myself, that love to cook. There are others that heat up pizzas and make macaroni... Read more »

The Kitchen Purge; Deleting All Those Duplications

Last week I had a knife salesman over to look at some knives. As we looked through my kitchen, I shamefully admitted that I was a “duplicator”. Yup, I had quite a few things in multiple quanities. Some I had purchased, others were gifts. I am not alone. This is the most common kitchen problem.... Read more »