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Living A Minimalist Life With Kids- Is It Possible

The joy of children. They bring so much love into our lives but also lots of kid gear. At times it can be overwhelming. The stuff can take over your home if you let it. And if you are used to living a minimalist life, this can be a be challenge. Can you continue to... Read more »

What To Do With Left Over Clutter From The Kids

The kids have come and gone. College is done and they are on their way out in the world. When you decide to move, downsize, or change up your space, you find it- the left over clutter from the kids. If you are staying in your current space, it might not be a problem. If... Read more »

How to Avoid Toys Turning Into Trash

Salvation Army doesn’t like donations of toys.Starting last year, they would search my bags and would not take any of the toys.I can see their point. A lot of things have missing pieces, are broken, and don’t have their directions included. No one wants to spend their good money on part of a toy. In... Read more »

Tackling Those Toys

Is your toy room out of control? Do you have piles and piles of misc items? Its time to take control. Time to hunker down do some serious sorting. If you have not kept the toys in the original boxes, then you will need some containers. My favorite ones for toy storage are: * clear... Read more »

Paying To Have Your Child Organized- The Benefits

Last week I organized three kids rooms for three different clients. I had a lot of fun helping the kids create and define their space. At the end of the day, all of us were excited at the results- parents, kids, and me!! It was a win win. So would you pay to have your... Read more »

The Secret To Getting Kids To Organize

If you tell your kids to clean their room, you will probably get “the look” and they will run out of the room. Sound familiar? Its very common. There is a secret to getting kids to organize and clean. Over the years, I have been hired to work with lots of kids. Their parents have... Read more »

What To Do When Kids Fly The Coop and Leave Their Stuff; Clearing Out Kids Clutter

Congrads! You are now an empty nester! The kids have flown the coop. You can dance around all day in your jammies with a glass of wine if you want. You don’t have to make dinner for anyone but your spouse! Party time. After the glow fades, you realize that you have been left with... Read more »

How To Create A Kids Craft Station

I am seeing a huge trend of more and more people creating “craft stations” for their kids. It could be in the corner of a bedroom, playroom, or kitchen area. Being a crafter myself, I love this idea. The more organized your craft center is, the more your child will use it! So lets get... Read more »

Organizing Annabelle, What I Taught My Niece

I knew as soon as I saw that beautiful baby that we were kindred spirits. Yes, my precious niece has inherited what I call the “Crazy Organizing Gene.” At the age of three, my favorite thing to do was empty my whole toy box(a huge old fashioned one built by papa) and then put all... Read more »

Five Reasons Your Kid's Room Looks Like A Disaster Area

So your kid’s room is a mess. You are at your wits end and don’t know where to begin or what to do. Don’t worry you are not alone. I hear this all the time. Before you throw the baby out with the bath water, lets talk reality. Part of the problem could be the... Read more »