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Encouraging A Senior Family Member To Purge Their Home- What Not To Say

No one wants to inherit a hoarded or cluttered house. I personally have cleaned out many of them. I see the stress, frustration, and anger. The most common complaint is the time and money they have to spend to get the home ready for sale. And as we know with hoarding, treasures are hidden everywhere.... Read more »

How To Tackle The Hoarded Home

One of my specialties is working with hoarders and very cluttered homes. As much as I find it rewarding, it can be challenging at times. Where do you put things when all the space is taken? In the organizing world, we live by OHIO- only handle it once. When clearing out a “full” home, OHIO... Read more »

Loving/Living With A Hoarder- How To Handle It

Relationships can be challenging. Add hoarding to the mix and it takes it to another level. How do you live/love a hoarder and not lose your mind. How do you peacefully share space? Here are some simple tips to help you with your challenges. * If you have separate homes, don’t give them free reign... Read more »

Clutter Vs Hoarding

Am I a hoarder? Is this the worst place you have seen? Do you think I am going to be a hoarder? Ever since the TV shows came out, there is a great fear of hoarding. Does having a lot of clutter make you a hoarder? No. Do all hoarders houses look like the inside... Read more »

The Heartbreak Of Hoarding

I am a very sensitive person by nature. A people pleaser to a huge fault. Yup, that is me. I always want to make everyone happy or the things I touch more organized. In my mind, the world should be a pretty place. We also should have a field of flowers in our backyard. This... Read more »

Being Judged: One Reason Hoarders Don't Seek Help

I saw that look you gave me. Our eyes only met for a few seconds as you drove by in your big ass mini van, but it will be remembered. It was obvious you were in judgement of me. I can still see those big brown eyes roll. For a second I thought about saluting... Read more »

Safety and Dehoarding; What Everyone Should Know About Working In A Hoarded Home

I turned down a job the other day. Needless to say the person wasn’t very thrilled with me. We had been talking for several months. It was an investment of time on both sides. Apparently the house was hoarded. In agreement with my standards and training on safety, I asked to see the house before... Read more »

Helping the Hoarder: Personal or Professional Help

Hoarding issues have literally come out of the closet in the last few years. If you blinked last week, you might have missed me participating in an episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive on TLC. According the TV show it was the biggest hoard that they have cleaned out to date. Most of the time I... Read more »

Clutter and Custody; Can Your Clutter Cause You To Lose Your Child

With two reality shows based on hoarding, this age old problem is coming out in the open. It’s estimated that 3 million people in the United States suffer from hoarding type issues. Even the DSM will be including hoarding in its own category this year. In the last year, I have been called by two... Read more »

Chipping Away At the Piles or Home Clean Out; Which Method is Better for De Hoarding a House

There are two very different ways to handle de-hoarding a home. One is to chip away at the piles little by little and the second is to do a full house clean out. In my nine years of organizing, I have done both. There are advantages and disadvantages to both these methods. You have to... Read more »