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The Estate Sale- Does Your Home Have The Goods

Recently I have received quite a few calls about conducting estate sales. Not every home is a good prospect to have one of these specialized sales. Here are some must haves in order to have a successful sale. * A lot of stuff. A mixture of antique, vintage, and items in general. You need to... Read more »

The Reality Of The Estate Sale- What Really Sells

This month I have been busy with a new project. I am running an estate sale with a friend. We decided to venture in these waters to see if its an avenue that we wanted pursue. We were fortunate enough to be able to work with a big house with lots of stuff. The house... Read more »

Family Treasures or Trash

Dealing with a lot of estates and clients that have family “stuff”, I see firsthand what sells and what doesn’t sell. It can be quite the eye opener when someone has saved all this stuff; only to realize that they aren’t sitting on a gold mine. So what sells and what doesn’t sell? Here are... Read more »

The Harsh Reality Of Selling Your Stuff

The other day I was doing some research for a potential client who wanted to sell some items. Even though I knew what the answers would be, I politely made the call. The harsh reality is that a lot of things that were once treasured aren’t able to be sold for even close their original... Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Having An Estate Sale

Clearing out your parents or a relatives home can be very emotional. Then there is the decision of what to do with all the stuff. Do you give it to family and friends, call in a junk service, donate, or simplify burn the house down. Obviously, the last one isn’t an option. Estate or “glorified”... Read more »

How to Purge While Grieving

There comes a time in all our lives, when we have to clear out a relatives stuff. It could be a full house, an apartment or a room at a nursing home. Its extremely hard to have to make decisions when you are in the grieving stage. I have seen many homes sit for years... Read more »

Trash or Cash- What Is Your Stuff Worth

Times are changing. Those items that your grandparents and parents treasured aren’t worth the same anymore. Its the sad hard truth. The younger generations aren’t collecting and decorating there homes in a different manor. I rarely see decorative plates or figurines sitting on the shelves. With that being said, when going through an estate or... Read more »

How To Handle Your Parents Stuff

One day we will all have to deal with the loss of our parents. Its the cycle of life but something that none of us want to think about. Unless your parents are living in an assisted living facility or nursing home, you will have to deal with their stuff as well. If they are... Read more »

Tips For Clearing Out A Family Home

Losing a loved one is hard enough but then when you are left with a house or condo full of stuff, suddenly your stress level rises to a new level. Depending on the size of the home or amount of stuff, it can take weeks or months to plow through it! These days, no one... Read more »

Don't Trash Grandma's Stuff; Call In An Estate Professional

I was asked to do a consultation last week at an estate property downtown. I wanted to be prepared so I asked my usual questions to the realtor – any antiques or estate stuff to sell? She told me it was “old lady” taste. I met with the client, the nephew handling the estate and... Read more »