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The Estate Sale- Does Your Home Have The Goods

Recently I have received quite a few calls about conducting estate sales. Not every home is a good prospect to have one of these specialized sales. Here are some must haves in order to have a successful sale. * A lot of stuff. A mixture of antique, vintage, and items in general. You need to... Read more »

The Reality Of The Estate Sale- What Really Sells

This month I have been busy with a new project. I am running an estate sale with a friend. We decided to venture in these waters to see if its an avenue that we wanted pursue. We were fortunate enough to be able to work with a big house with lots of stuff. The house... Read more »

Family Treasures or Trash

Dealing with a lot of estates and clients that have family “stuff”, I see firsthand what sells and what doesn’t sell. It can be quite the eye opener when someone has saved all this stuff; only to realize that they aren’t sitting on a gold mine. So what sells and what doesn’t sell? Here are... Read more »

The Harsh Reality Of Selling Your Stuff

The other day I was doing some research for a potential client who wanted to sell some items. Even though I knew what the answers would be, I politely made the call. The harsh reality is that a lot of things that were once treasured aren’t able to be sold for even close their original... Read more »

Here Is What You Need To Know To Tackle A Big House Clean Out

Whether its  a parents long time home, a filled to the rim basement, or a hoarding situation, you need a game plan when you are planning on doing a big clean out. Its best to have some details in place before you start the process. Each day you work on the project, you will end... Read more »

Don't Trash Grandma's Stuff; Call In An Estate Professional

I was asked to do a consultation last week at an estate property downtown. I wanted to be prepared so I asked my usual questions to the realtor – any antiques or estate stuff to sell? She told me it was “old lady” taste. I met with the client, the nephew handling the estate and... Read more »

Selling Antiques In Today's Market; When Your Treasures Aren't Treasured Anymore

Times have changed. Decorating styles have changed as well. I still see homes that have traditional decor but am seeing more modern sleek designs. Or occasionally I see what I term as “transitional” or the combo package style decorating. Antiques are still being bought and sold but there isn’t the large demand for them. So... Read more »

Going Through Family Stuff After a Death

When you lose a loved one, the last thing you want to think about is the stuff.  In some cases, your loved one has already downsized or purged their belongings. In other cases, you have a long time family home filled to the rim. Either way, this isn’t an easy process to handle. Depending on... Read more »