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Six Reasons We Can't Get Rid Of Stuff

One of my tops tips for organizing is to limit the incoming. Once it comes in your home, its hard to let it go. There are all sorts of reasons that we can’t let it go of thingsĀ  when they doesn’t provide a use for us anymore. Here are the top six reasonsĀ  I hear... Read more »

The 80 Dollar Bag- The Importance Of Itemizing Your Donations

With the anticipation of an early spring, I felt it was best to clean out my closet. Ok, the reality is that I spent about 20 minutes going through the different categories. We all have things in our closet to purge, including the organizer. I added my items to my already in progress donate bag.... Read more »

The Case For Donating Items Vs Letting Them Sit In Your Home

I am a big believer of “purge” as you go in life. This means getting things out of your home when you no longer use them. When you deem that they are no longer viable to you, let them go. The longer they sit, they risk the chance of being unusable, getting ruined and damaged/dirty.... Read more »

Where you Should Be Donating Stuff In Chicago-The Family Tree Resale

If you have read my previous posts, you know that I don’t have a loving relationship with Salvation Army. First it was the “Sheriff” refusing to take stuff I wanted to donate, and then yelling because I brought too much stuff. The dude even threw a pillow at me once saying “We don’t want your... Read more »

When Stuff Becomes Trash-Those Items Just Sitting In Your Home

In my childhood bedroom sits a huge pile of stuffed animals. Some of them were mine, most of them my sisters. We both have told our mom to donate or toss them. They have sat for over 20 years gathering dust. A once viable item is turning to waste. No one will want to expose... Read more »

Salvation Army; Refusing and Cherry Picking Donations

Watch out! There is a new sheriff in town. He resides at the Salvation Army in Lakeview in Chicago. He will inspect your wares before you are allowed to donate at his facility. And if he doesn’t like what you have, he will turn you away. Yes, I am a regular Sanford and Son. I... Read more »

The Donating Dilemma- Just Get It Out

I find it everytime. Yup, I see those bags that you forgot about. You didn’t have time to get them out or you stuck them in the closet and forgot about them. Oh, did we just waste 30 minutes going through bags you forgot to donate? Don’t make donating items another project! Get them out!... Read more »