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Do You Need A Dining Room?

We all grew up spending holidays in the family dining room. At my house we broke bread in there on birthdays and other major holidays. That was it. The rest of the time it sat and looked pretty. I am sure this was the  case in many other homes. With more and more people choosing... Read more »

Cleaning Out The Crafts- Being Realistic About Your Supplies

As I have stated in several other blog posts, I like to start off the new year with everything in place. Purging my small file boxes and closet is always at the top of the list. Being a crafter, specifically a beader, I seem to “inherit” a lot of craft supplies. From family, friends, or... Read more »

Keeping The Craft Room Crafty Not Crappy

All of us crafters like a good deal.Two years ago I bought these great teal beads on sale. They were going to make the perfect necklace. They are still sitting in my beading container. And so goes the life of a crafter. We find it on sale, bring it home, and sometimes it just sits.... Read more »