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Clutter Awareness Week Starts March 17, 2019

Who knew? While everyone who is Irish and Chirish were celebrating St Patrick’s Day on March 17th (all weekend in Chicago), a little known holiday slid by unnoticed- Clutter Awareness Week. The third Sunday of March starts a week long holiday of Clutter Awareness. Clutter is defined as – things lying around in an untidy... Read more »

Six Reasons We Can't Get Rid Of Stuff

One of my tops tips for organizing is to limit the incoming. Once it comes in your home, its hard to let it go. There are all sorts of reasons that we can’t let it go of thingsĀ  when they doesn’t provide a use for us anymore. Here are the top six reasonsĀ  I hear... Read more »

How To Stop The Vicious Cycle Of Clutter

For some of us, being organized is second nature. Everything fits perfectly in our home. For others, its a daily challenge. The vicious cycle of clutter can last for years. It can be very hard to control unless you have a plan. Here are a few simple tips to help you get your clutter under... Read more »

A Guideline For Purging Your Clothes

This one is always tough. Whether is the guilt of unworn clothing or things that don’t fit, purging your closet can be a big challenge. A stylist once told me that everything in your closet should be your cut, color, and size. It also should be your “A” game. Everything in your closet should be... Read more »

Simple Steps To Help You Clear Out A Home During A Divorce

They say one in two marriages end in divorce. Its not something any of us want to think about in our future. But if we are forced to travel down that fork in the road, we have a lot of things to deal with besides emotions-THE STUFF. The longer you have been in your home,... Read more »

10 Winter Organizing Projects

Chiberia got you stuck in the house? Going crazy staring at the four walls. You would rather spend your days outside or running errands, but the weatherman is telling you to stay inside. The good news, there is only 30 more days till springtime. Hang in there, you can make it!! Here are some little... Read more »

Five Ways To Create Space In Your Home

Its human nature, we all spread out in our home. Since buying my condo 3 years ago, I have enjoyed having more space and storage. I now stock up on things that I didn’t have room for in the past. So what happens when you are on space overload. When there is simply no more... Read more »

Purging Your Home; The Top Five Reasons You Don't Do It

In a perfect world, every time you are done with something in your life such as clothing, technology, or toys, it is removed from your home. You can donate it, toss it, give it to a friend, or sell it. There are many choices and places to bestow your items. Well most of us don’t... Read more »

Why You Are Disorganized and How To Change It

Over my years as an organizer, I have worked with many people that are chronically disorganized. They try and try but never seem to hit that point of organization. There are many different reasons why someone cant stay organized. Here are some of the main ones that I have seen time and time again. 1.... Read more »

Simple Organizing Projects To Keep You Busy During Chiberia

We have had quite the month in Chicago. First it was the apocalypse style shopping at Dominicks, next up the holidays, and now Chiberia. Yes, Chicago is shutting down do the extreme cold weather. I think I am the only one that will be working. Admit it, all that snow and weather is making you... Read more »