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How To Organize Kids Craft Supplies

Kids and crafts go hand in hand. Everyone wants to think that they have a little Picasso! Growing up in a creative family, I think its very important to expose children to crafts and let their creativity flow. With creativity also comes the mess. So how do you organize your kids crafts? In a perfect... Read more »

Don't Trash Grandma's Stuff; Call In An Estate Professional

I was asked to do a consultation last week at an estate property downtown. I wanted to be prepared so I asked my usual questions to the realtor – any antiques or estate stuff to sell? She told me it was “old lady” taste. I met with the client, the nephew handling the estate and... Read more »

Kids Artwork- How Much Should You Save?

How much should you save and how should you store it? Kids artwork always poses a question. There is no right or wrong answer. Everyone feels differently about it. Here are some questions to ask yourself. 1. How much space do you want to dedicate to the artwork? I had one client that had three... Read more »

So You Got A Good Deal; Do You Really Need It

I was out with some friends this weekend. One of them started telling me about all his “treasures” that were sitting in an out of state storage room. Thank God it was dark and he couldn’t see my eyes popping out of my head. I listened to him brag about all the stuff that he... Read more »

Art; Don't put it away-It should be on display

We all love art! Its how we express ourselves. There comes a time when we are over capacity with¬†artwork. Yes, call it art clutter. I am talking about all those pictures and pieces that you have bought. The ones that are stuck in the back of your closet. The one that you thought was so... Read more »