Tiny Projects To Keep You Busy During Shelter In Place

If you are like me, you are used to jumping out of bed every morning and hitting the ground running. Not so much these past few weeks. We are all on lock down and sheltering in place. I don’t think its been easy for anyone. My motto has been stay busy stay sane. Each day I set goals for myself. They are small in comparison to what I normally try to accomplish.

Here are some projects to help keep you busy:

1. Paper Management- This is the perfect time to go through your papers and clean out your filing system or create one. You can also change your bills over to paperless to cut down your mail.

2. Sign up for Catalog Choice and unsubscribe from your catalogs.

3. What about all those emails coming in your inbox? You have the time to evaluate them right now vs just pushing delete. Its time to free up your inbox.

4. Clean out that coupon organizer- evict the expired.

5. Its a good time to go through those bathroom toiletries. Remember all those travel sized samples that you have been saving? This is the perfect time to use them. This will save you money! Put them in rotation and toss out the old stuff.

6. What’s in your pantry? What recipes can you make with those ingredients? Time to meal plan. Consider freezing some of your food as well.

7. Spring is almost here! Time to change out those closets and evaluate what you need for the new season.

8. Organize and categorize your dresser drawers.

9. Time for a toy purge? What is age appropriate for your kids?

10. What about those junk drawers? This is a perfect little project!!!

I hope these suggestions help keep you busy and give you some direction!!!

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