How To Meal Plan While Sheltering At Home

I guess that its safe to assume with everyone sheltering at home, and the grocery stores being pretty bare sometimes, people are doing some serious cooking. What better way to keep yourself busy and your family fed! Cooking has always been a passion of mine. I am enjoying having some time to do a little extra cooking. I have even learned to make bread.

Here are some tips to help you with your meal planning!

1. Stock up on the necessities. With the grocery stores running out of items- keep a stash of your most used non perishables. Organize them by category.

2. Plan what you are cooking each week? How many people do you have to feed?

3. When picking out recipes to make – check out what you have in your pantry to use. Don’t let those items sit and expire.

4. What recipes require some of the same ingredients? This will help prevent waste.

5. Can you freeze it? If you are quarantined by yourself- who wants to eat the same meal 4 to 5 times. Get out the tupperware and freeze it for a later date.

I set the table every night with my nice dishes and cloth napkins. It makes me feel better.

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