Changing Course- Changing Your Goals During Covid 19

A month ago I was running a successful business. Jumping out of bed early each morning to see who had emailed, making a nice breakfast. and running out the door. And then it all changed. I went from being a super busy gal to having time on my hands. Wow- talk about a shock. I know there are millions of people out there in the same boat right now. You can look at the glass half full or half empty. Its your choice.

I am trying to embrace my new temporary life. Here are somethings I am doing to keep busy. My new motto is Stay Busy- Stay Sane.

* I still get up early each morning and make myself a nice breakfast and drink a big cup of coffee.

* I set goals for myself everyday. Yes these goals have changed quiet a bit. Instead of spending my days working with clients, I have shifted my tasks. I am embracing what is at my fingertips and what I can do. One of my passions aside from organizing is cooking. I have been cooking up a storm. My next project is bread making.

* Since I have more time on my hands, I have been going for daily walks. This keeps me sane and clears my head. Anyone else notice how fresh and clear the air is right now?

* Tackling some of those little projects at home. We all have little things that we put off. What can you get done now? Do a few things each day.

* And as far as the business goes, I have been able to convert some clients and speaking engagements into virtual mode by using Zoom. I have followed up on all the jobs that I was in the middle of to reschedule them to later dates.

* Stay close to your family and friends. We all need each other more than ever right now. Everyone needs to hear from others and feel connected. I try and contact a few people each day.

* Who needs help right now? I reached out to an older neighbor and asked if he wanted me to do his grocery shopping. I also have had play dates with two friends young children when they needed a break. Its time to give back any way you can.

Remember my motto – “Stay Busy Stay Sane”!! Make each day count. Hopefully we will be back to our lives soon.

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