Living A Minimalist Life With Kids- Is It Possible

The joy of children. They bring so much love into our lives but also lots of kid gear. At times it can be overwhelming. The stuff can take over your home if you let it. And if you are used to living a minimalist life, this can be a be challenge.

Can you continue to live a minimalist life with kids? Here is my opinion on the subject.

Babies come with quite the set of baby gear. There is no way about it. As your child turns into a toddler, they are starting to learn and create. Its essential to have the proper tools for them to grow. Yes, I am talking about toys and books. These things that can take over our home, also help our children to grow as an individual. Here are some tips to help you manage the stuff.

There is no reason why you can’t keep the rest of your home in a minimalist state. The kid stuff does take a set of management skills.

1. Purge as your child grows. Make sure that all of your kids stuff is age appropriate. If you are saving for another child, containerize and store.

2. Define your space. I find that many of my clients have toys in each room for their kids. This can cause clutter and confusion. What areas do you have that will accommodate toys, books, and art supplies. In a perfect world, there would be a room in the home that could be dedicated for playtime and crafts.

3. If you have a dedicated space for your kids stuff, containerize and shelf. Ikea makes some wonderful shelves that are perfect for toys. I am also a fan of using clear Container Store bins to categorize toys. Also label your containers. This way anyone can clean up the space.

4. Ask your kids what they use. Kids aren’t shy about talking about their favorite toys. They are happy to purge items that they don’t like or use anymore.

Yes, there is hope for your home! Its also okay to have toy free zones.

Happy Organizing!!

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