10 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Aside from being a professional organizer and a blogger, I am a speaker. Each year I give anywhere from 12 to 15 speeches on organization. My most popular speech is includes my top tips to get and stay organized. These tips also help you simplify your life. Who doesn’t want to lead a more simple life.

* LIMIT THE INCOMING 1. donate donate through the mail- this increases your mail
2. Unsubscribe from catalogs using Catalogchoice.org
3. Unsubscribe from those news letters that come in your email
4. Go paperless- get your bills and financial statements online.
5. Use reusable bags for shopping and groceries- don’t bring in the plastic.

* PREP THE NIGHT BEFORE 1. Set your clothes out
2. Get your work back ready
3. Make your lunch and your kids

* HAVE A LAUNCH AREA This is a place to stage items leaving the home

* FILING SYSTEM In a world gone paperless, our need for filing is less but still needed. Make sure all your
current papers are kept in labeled files. Archive the old stuff.

* TO DO LIST Unclutter your mind. Keep a to do list on paper or in your phone. Each day items should be
subtracted from the list and others added to it.

* ACTION ITEMS Create a system to keep your action item papers. Such files include: To Do, Pending, Bills

* OHIO Only Handle It Once

* FINISH THE CYCLE Think of everything as a cycle. What do you need to do to get it handled from start to

* SHOP IN BULK Buying in bulk saves time and money. Set up an overflow area to properly organize your

* ORGANIZE HOW YOU THINK Are you visual? Do you like everything put away?

I hope these simple tips make your like easier! Happy 2020!!

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