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Are You A Shifter

Do you love nothing better than discovering new organizing systems and making changes? Are you constantly moving stuff around, relabeling, or even switching the function of a whole room? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a “SHIFTER.” So what you as is a Shifter? A Shifter is a person that never... Read more »

Right Sizing Your Stuff

We all have stuff. There is no right or wrong answer as to how many items one should have in their home. In my opinion its personal choice. There are many things to think about when we evaluate how much stuff we have in home. * Space- Do we have enough space to store all... Read more »

When Guilt Buying Creates Clutter

Guilt buying- I personally coin this term as buying because we feel we have too- not because we need it. With more and more personal sales companies coming up in the market, we area all being faced with invitations and opportunities to attend buying parties. We all want to support our friends but sometimes we... Read more »

10 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Aside from being a professional organizer and a blogger, I am a speaker. Each year I give anywhere from 12 to 15 speeches on organization. My most popular speech is includes my top tips to get and stay organized. These tips also help you simplify your life. Who doesn’t want to lead a more simple... Read more »

Start Out 2020- Organized

Ah The New Year- my favorite time. Yes, part of it is due to the fact that we can purge last year and start again. There are so many little things we can do to start out this year in an organized and efficient manner. Here are some of my favorites! 1. If you haven’t... Read more »