What Are Your Decluttering Habits

Decluttering is a necessary evil. We all have to do it. Most of us learn these habits as a child. Did your parents make you clean up your room before bedtime? Did you clean out and purge your toy room before your birthday or Christmas?

I love clothes. I am sure this may come as a shock to most of you that see me in my black t shirts and cargo pants- my work “grubbies” I call them. As a child, my mom and I went through my closet before spring and winter to see what clothes I needed. I tried everything on to make sure it fit. We then made a list of what I needed. Years later, I still follow that process.

At the beginning of the year, I go through my file system and clean it out. I start a new system for my tax receipts and put the old one in the tax archive bin.

And what about the rest of my stuff? I purge as I go. When stuff comes in whether its a goody bag or misc items, it either gets place in my home and gets donated or given away. This keeps me from having any build up of stuff. I keep a donate bag in my basement storage. This way, I have a place to put things that are going out.

While these systems work for me, everyone is different. Find a system that works for you. The most important thing to realize is that there will be a constant rotation of things coming in and out of your home.

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