The Great Debate- Packing with Newspaper or Packing Paper

I am a firm believer of living a green life. I am the one at the grocery store recycling all of my clients plastic and returning hangers to the dry cleaners. When it comes to packing, I change my tune. Its important to use the right packing materials.

Packing up a condo or house can get pretty expensive. I have seen clients spend in upwards of 300 to 500 dollars on packing supplies. In order to cut costs, I have seen people save newspapers and boxes to use as they move. In Chicago we are very lucky to have a Facebook group called Box Dibs in which people recycle their packing paper and boxes.

Now up to the great debate- which is better to pack with newspaper or packing paper? Here are the pro’s and con’s:


* You can collect in from your papers and bins around the city
* It saves you money

* It doesn’t attach or wrap well to your items
* It can stain your dishes or china
* It takes a lot of paper to cushion your boxes


* Its easy to use and the large pieces wrap around your items
* It nicely cushions boxes
* It doesn’t stain items

* Its around $10 per roll

I am personally on team packing paper. It’s easier to use and saves time in packing. I feel stuff is more secure. Its worth the money. It can also be used again. My favorite is from the Uhaul company. I feel it has an easy texture to manipulate.

The further the move, the more careful you should pack!!

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