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Little Things We All Can Do To Be Better Organized

Who doesn’t want to be better organized in their home or office. Its not rocket science, its all about adopting new habits. I have put together some tips to help you save time and be more efficient in your life. * Don’t waste the trip- Before you leave a room in your home, look around... Read more »

What Are Your Decluttering Habits

Decluttering is a necessary evil. We all have to do it. Most of us learn these habits as a child. Did your parents make you clean up your room before bedtime? Did you clean out and purge your toy room before your birthday or Christmas? I love clothes. I am sure this may come as... Read more »

Saving Stuff For Friends- What is it doing to your space and time

We all like to be helpful and share things. Its human nature to try and help other people. Many of us have friends or co workers that can use things we have. Saving stuff for them creates projects and can end up being a big time suck. Here are somethings to think about. 1. Do... Read more »

The Great Debate- Packing with Newspaper or Packing Paper

I am a firm believer of living a green life. I am the one at the grocery store recycling all of my clients plastic and returning hangers to the dry cleaners. When it comes to packing, I change my tune. Its important to use the right packing materials. Packing up a condo or house can... Read more »