Shopping Diets- The New Fad

While the world has gone crazy with purging and keeping only what “sparks joy”- another new trend has emerged. Women all over the place are going on shopping diets. Its all the rage. Several of my clients have jumped on the bandwagon stating that they won’t be buying new clothes for a year.

I am seeing more and more people take stock in what they currently own and creating new looks. I have always followed my moms style of buying replacement items and a few new pieces each season. I have a closet full of mix and match items that work for me.

Here are a few other other fashion trends:

1. Five Piece French Wardrobe- In this wardrobe you have a handful of statement pieces and basics which you use to create different outfits.

2. Capsule Wardrobe- This trend is made of of 33 main pieces of clothes that are interchangeable. You start by choosing a core color like black or navy.

There is nothing wrong with having a closet full of clothes. I do feel its important to make sure that all your clothes are your cut, color, and size. A fashion stylist once told me that everything in your closet should be your “A” game.

Happy Organizing!!

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