Organizing For the Speaker

Aside for organizing, I love a good conversation. In the last several years, the speaker portion of my business has grown quite a bit. On an average, I give 10 to 15 speeches a year. These range from libraries to corporate lunch and learn sessions.

So how does one run a business, and manage a tight speaking schedule? I have learned quite a bit in the last few years.

1. DON’T RECREATE THE WHEEL- When I first started my business, every time I was asked to give a speech, I sat down and wrote one. I spent hours creating programs. After the 5th time, I decided to create several standard speeches. Now, I use a standard program and tweak it if needed for my presentation.

2. PROGRAM LIST- Keep a list of your programs. This can be forwarded to a potential client at a moments notice.

3. BROCHURES- Its important to give something to the attendees. I keep a supply of brochures and business cards to hand out at the events.

4. SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS- I also keep a list of speaking engagements. Many potential clients want to know where you have spoken in the past.

And the most important thing- have fun. Engage your audience!

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