Clutter Awareness Week Starts March 17, 2019

Who knew? While everyone who is Irish and Chirish were celebrating St Patrick’s Day on March 17th (all weekend in Chicago), a little known holiday slid by unnoticed- Clutter Awareness Week. The third Sunday of March starts a week long holiday of Clutter Awareness.

Clutter is defined as – things lying around in an untidy mess or a condition of disorder.

In my years as an organizer, I have come to see that everyone views clutter in a different manner. I have walked into completely hoarded homes which have been described as needing a little help. I have seen homes with a few piles in which a person feels their spaced is hoarded. Everyone has a different view of clutter and the amount that is acceptable in their space.

So what is acceptable for you? Here are somethings to think about:

1. Is the clutter affecting the way you function? Can you find things? Are you buying things in duplicate?

2. Has the clutter made rooms non-functional?

3. Has the clutter cost you money?

4. Is clutter causing problems in your relationships?

Think about it!!

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