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Clutter Awareness Week Starts March 17, 2019

Who knew? While everyone who is Irish and Chirish were celebrating St Patrick’s Day on March 17th (all weekend in Chicago), a little known holiday slid by unnoticed- Clutter Awareness Week. The third Sunday of March starts a week long holiday of Clutter Awareness. Clutter is defined as – things lying around in an untidy... Read more »

Items To Purge When You Are Moving

Moving is never fun. There are so many decisions to make in a short amount of time. One of the most important decisions is – do you take it all or do a pre-purge? I am always in favor of purging before you move. Every little bit that you can make a decision on will... Read more »

Organizing For the Speaker

Aside for organizing, I love a good conversation. In the last several years, the speaker portion of my business has grown quite a bit. On an average, I give 10 to 15 speeches a year. These range from libraries to corporate lunch and learn sessions. So how does one run a business, and manage a... Read more »