The Reality Of The Estate Sale- What Really Sells

This month I have been busy with a new project. I am running an estate sale with a friend. We decided to venture in these waters to see if its an avenue that we wanted pursue. We were fortunate enough to be able to work with a big house with lots of stuff. The house was full of amazing furniture and crystal. So many pretty things all under one roof.

We opened the doors on a snowy weekend. I literally white knuckled it all the way to the burbs. We arrived to a small line waiting. It was quite the education. Here are some of the things I learned.

1. Big and brown isn’t selling. We had some amazing traditional furniture that didn’t move.

2. A client of mine looked at the link and said with the volume of stuff we had, we would need to do a two weekend sale. Even with the large amount of stuff we sold, we still have enough for a second go round. She was right.

3. Mid century furniture is hot, hot, hot!!!

4. Love me some office supplies. We sold over 100 greeting cards, tons of notebooks, and even boxes of crayons that were around 20 plus years old. Everyone loves their paper.

5. A funky 70’s rug that we didn’t even price because who would want it, sold. The excited customer told us all about his man cave that he was setting up in his basement. We also tried to sell him some 70’s ash trays.

6. Costume jewelry is a big seller for those crafty people. We had a box we were debating on donating. We ended up putting it in the kids area and sold it all!

7. Holiday decor is another favorite. We had a guy waiting at the door before the sale opened desperate for a ceramic bunny that his wife saw online. We sold ornaments and a whole set of Christmas china.

8. Baskets and bins are a big draw. Everyone wants to be organized! Don’t worry, we still have more!

So if you have some free time this weekend. Come out and check it out!

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