Staying Organized- Adult Children Living At Home

It seems to be more common that adult children are coming back home. It could be to save money, look for a job, or they just like being around their family. Whatever the reason, its important to find a way to co-exist under one room.

They need their space and you want to enjoy a home without kid gear. The first step is to define your space. What space do you feel comfortable in letting them have? Do you have a guest room in the basement? Will they be confined to their bedroom? Are there items that need to be packed and put in storage?

1. If they are returning to their childhood bedroom- clean it out. Toss and donate the items that they no longer want. Pack up all memory items and put in a storage area. I have seen many people give their adult kids two bedrooms. One is used for sleep and the other for lounging, crafts, or an extension of their bedroom.

2. If your child comes back home after living in an apartment. Have them unpack only the items that they need. There is no need to unpack the kitchen stuff.

3. In a perfect situation, you would have a basement area for them to take over. This works because they are able to have a bedroom and a lounging area. This also lets them keep their stuff together and doesn’t affect the organization of your home.

The most important thing is to make the space functional. Enjoy your time together!!!!

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