National Love Your Files Week 2018

This week is National Love Your Files Week. Yup, there is such a holiday. One of the biggest keys to being organized is to have your paper or electronic files organized. I always say- make files not piles.

As we know, paper breeds like bunnies. Before you know it, your desk or counter is covered with paper. This paper comes from the mail or items that we print from the internet. Here are a few tips to tone down the paper.

1. Start getting your bills online. This will dramatically cut down your mail.
2. Don’t donate through the mail. It only increases the amount of solicitations in your mail.
3. Get rid of paper that you don’t need anymore.

The bottom line is that paper needs to have a home. It needs to be filed. Here are a few thoughts on filing systems.

1. Make sure that you have a file box or cabinet for paper that needs to be kept. Clearly label your files. I use a label maker.
2. Clean out your files at the beginning of each year. Toss or archive paper that doesn’t need to be in your active file system. This also goes for electronic files.
3. Have an archive box or drawer for paper that needs to be kept such as taxes, closing documents, or legal documents.

If you choose to file your items in an electronic manner, make sure that you clearly identify your items so you can find them in a quick and efficient manner.

We all have projects. Make sure that you set up temporary files for them. You can use a variety of systems to maintain them. Personally, I like an accordion file. You can use hanging files, file baskets, or a vertical file rack. After your project is done, get rid of the items that you don’t need.

Remember- paper represents undone actions!! Make sure that you are continually getting rid of what you have finished or don’t need anymore. Keep your system fluid!!

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