An Organizer's Top Tips For Getting Organized

Everyone wants to know the secret on how to get and stay organized. My most popular speech is the one that includes my top tips on organization. Here are some of them!

1. Limit the incoming
* Get your bills online and pay them online – this saves 80 to 100 dollars per year
* Don’t donate through the mail. The companies see activity and send you more and more donation requests.
* Put your landline and cell phone on the do not call list.
* Opt out of those catalogs through catalog
* Use re-usable bags vs plastic ones

2. OHIO- Only handle it once!!

3. Launch Pad- Have a place where you stage items that need to return or take with you when you leave

4. Don’t waste the trip- When you leave one room, take anything that doesn’t belong with you to the next one.

5. Prep at night- Whatever you can do the night before, will save time in the morning.
* Set out your clothes
* Get your work bag ready
* Make your lunch

I hope this simple tips help make your life easier!!

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