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An Organizer's Top Tips For Getting Organized

Everyone wants to know the secret on how to get and stay organized. My most popular speech is the one that includes my top tips on organization. Here are some of them! 1. Limit the incoming * Get your bills online and pay them online – this saves 80 to 100 dollars per year *... Read more »

Staying Organized- Adult Children Living At Home

It seems to be more common that adult children are coming back home. It could be to save money, look for a job, or they just like being around their family. Whatever the reason, its important to find a way to co-exist under one room. They need their space and you want to enjoy a... Read more »

National Love Your Files Week 2018

This week is National Love Your Files Week. Yup, there is such a holiday. One of the biggest keys to being organized is to have your paper or electronic files organized. I always say- make files not piles. As we know, paper breeds like bunnies. Before you know it, your desk or counter is covered... Read more »

Those Little Projects We Never Tackle

We all have them. Those little projects that we never seem to tackle. Why should we bother with them. They don’t take up much space and they don’t really affect our daily lives. Occasionally they are the cause of wasted time. So they sit. And they multiply. Most of these projects I put in the... Read more »

Purging Clothes- Why Its So Hard

And the last weekend of summer in Chicago was one thunderstorm after another. Two of the fun activities I had planned got rained out. So what does an organizer do? I purged my closet. Purging ones closet is always a challenging task. No one wants to admit that their weight or style has changed. There... Read more »