Staying Organized- Processing The Incoming

Everyday we have items that come into our home. Its a never ending battle of the stuff. Whether is mail, clothing, online orders, or misc items; it has to be handled and put away. It creates piles and can turn into clutter if its allowed to sit.

How should you handle all the incoming? The first step is to limit as much as you can. Here are some tips:

* Get your mail online
* Unsubscribe from email letters
* Don’t donate through the mail solicitations. If they see activity, they send you more mail.
* Use reusable bags so you don’t have all that plastic coming in your home. Instead of saving them, recycle at your grocery store.

Here are some tips for the other stuff that comes in our home:

* Hand me down clothes for kids- Evaluate the clothes when the come in. If there is anything that you can’t or won’t use, offer to give back or donate to a charity. Store the clothes in bins labeled by size and season.

* Online orders- Open as soon as you can. Put the items away. If you are keeping the items, recycle the packaging. If you need time to evaluate, keep packing materials neatly contained. I keep mine in my office so they are out of the way.

* Gift bags- Who doesn’t like free stuff!! I can’t tell you how many times I find these treasure troves in people’s homes. These items need to be processed just like anything else. Put coupons and gift cards in their respective place. There are many charities that are happy to take your unused toiletries.

* Mail- When you get your mail, stand go straight to the recycle bin. Immediately get rid of the junk mail. Any mail that needs to be handled, should be taken to your paper management center.

* Misc items from well meaning friends- It seems many people are only able to release things if they give them to someone. Its okay to say no, if you have no use for the item.

Happy Organizing!!

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