Staying Organized- Finishing Your Projects

We all have projects. Some of them big, some of them small. Some of them sit for years because they don’t take up much space and aren’t important. These projects are not only causing clutter in your home or office but in your mind. When we walk by, we are constantly reminded of a task we didn’t complete.

Most of us keep a “to do” list or binder. So many things go on the list and never come off it. The key is to keep this list rotating. To move forward we have to make progress.

So lets take a hard look at that to do list. I always tell people to start with the little stuff. You know those projects that only take one or two steps. Get them done. You will be amazed at how many “little” projects or tasks we just toss aside. These include- activating a new credit card, responding to an invitation, or answering a simple email. Yup, those tasks can be that small.

Then take a look at the bigger stuff. I had several big projects that were looming over me. I had promised to write a chapter for a potential book. I was fortunate that the deadline kept pushing back. Every morning, I saw it on my list. Even though I still had time, I wanted to clear my mind. I dedicated slots of time and got it finished.

Big projects take time and have multiple steps. If you take on too many of these projects at once, it will consume you and your time. Try to work a few at a time.

Before you start your projects or tasks, evaluate the time that it will take to complete. How many phone calls? Do you need to fill out information online? Does this project require a site visit? Shopping? If you need to write down the steps to complete the task at hand.

I find that many projects or tasks – we don’t have to do. We want to do. Don’t keep adding to your list without subtracting!!

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