Purging- Should You Give Stuff To Friends

Sometimes its hard to get rid of stuff. Even if it doesn’t fit our needs anymore. We feel the guilt of the money that we spent. We analyze the item and its value. Did we even use it? Yes, there can be a lot of consideration before we choose to part with things.

With that being said, should we donate our stuff or give it to our friends? Lets think about it for a minute. If we pass things onto our friends, then they bare the responsibility of finding a space for them, or donating them.

Before you pass things to a friend, here are some things to think about:

* Is the item something that they can use? Like the nice leggings that were in my last gift bag that weren’t my size, a friend reaped the benefit.

* Can you get the stuff to your friend? Do they live close to you or can you drop it in the mail? If it not an easy process, then you need to donate it.

* Do they have the space for it? I have seen many a client with boxes from well meaning friends that they have no place to store stuff.

I agree, its much easier to get rid of things when you know someone that can use it. The best case is to ask the person before you pass it on. You don’t want to create clutter in another home.

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