4 Things You Should Get Rid Of Immediately

There are things sitting in everyone’s home that aren’t used or needed. There are also things that we bring in on a regular basis that don’t need to be there as well. Here 4 things you can get rid of immediately.

1. Old chemicals. These are lurking under your sink, in your garage or laundry room. You might have used part of a bottle and then it sits. Sometimes, these chemicals sit for years. You don’t need them. Take them to a disposal place and get rid of them.

2. Plastic or paper bags. Most of us grocery shop at least once a week. With an average shopping trip consisting of three to seven bags, that is a lot of incoming. Recycle your bags. Switch to re usable bags.

3. Old electronics. Who doesn’t have that cord bin? When I buy new electronics, I whip out my label maker and label the cords and misc pieces. When I recycle or donate it, I send it all away together.

4. Receipts. One way to limit the build up of receipts is to stop getting them. Many places have options for emailed receipts. Grocery, bank, and gas receipts can go immediately. I don’t ever get gas or bank receipts anymore.

By making these small changes, you will save space and reduce clutter in your home.

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