Staying Organized- When You Should Have Duplicates Of Items

While we try to limit our items, there are times that it makes sense to have duplicates. In certain situations it will save us time and great stress. Here are some situations in which having duplicated items will be of great benefit.

* Do you travel for a living? If so, it will save you time and money to have a duplicate set of your toiletries. When you unpack and repack your toiletry bag each weekend, you are more than likely to forget something. Then you have to find a place to purchase it on your business trip.

* The phone charger, how can we live without them. How many times do you run out the door for work and forget to bring your charger? To avoid disruptions, keep two of them. Since my office is my car, I keep one on the car and one at home.

* Business Cards- If you are a business owner, these need to be on your person at all times. I keep a few in my wallet, and in each of the purses that I use on a regular basis. You never know when that next opportunity will come up!!

So what items should you have in duplicate that will make your life easier? Think about it.

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