The Hardest Stuff To Organize

People always ask me what is the hardest stuff to organize.Is it paper? Clothing? That basement? Nope, its the little stuff. Its all those little items that don’t really have a defined space or category. Lets define these items.

1. Those little figurines. They could have come from relatives, McDonald’s lunches, or even the Hallmark store. It was someones good intentions but now its our stuff.

2. Key chains- It seems everyone wants to give away key chains with their business logo on them

3. Electronics- all those cords and the latest new gadgets.

4. Little office supplies- how many rubber bands and twist ties do you use?

5. Misc. hardware pieces.

All these little items can creep there way into the house and cause piles and drawers full of clutter. The most important thing to do is EVALUATE!!! The best way to stay organized is to have items in defined categorized places. So take a look at all those little things.

As with any other organizing project:
* Put like with like
* Containerize if you need to store them
* Find a place for them that makes sense with the rest of your organization

You will be amazed at how much of that “little stuff” you don’t need!

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