Managing All Those Keys- Tips For Creating a Key Center

One thing I always find when cleaning out a person’s home is keys. Yup. Keys and more keys. As time passes, we forget about these items and toss them in a drawer. Then one day, during a cleaning and organizing session, we find a pile of them. What do they go to? Where do they belong?

Each key that you have in your possession should be identified with a label or a certain key ring. And where should you store them? I am not a fan of keeping keys out in the open. With all the different people that come in and out of our homes, its best to keep them put away. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Inside a cabinet
  2. Inside a drawer
  3. Inside a closet.

The most important thing is to make sure that they you know what they are used to open!!! Here is a picture of my key center!!key-center

The top row is my mail keys, bike lock keys and storage keys. I choose not to carry these on my regular key ring. The next two rows are friends keys. The bottom row is extra keys of mine.

How do you organize your keys?

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