Must Have Items for Packing Up A House

As we wait impatiently for Spring, we are approaching another very important season- Moving. Yes, this is when I turn from professional organizer into an unpacker. Setting up homes is a fun project. You start with boxes and end up with a beautiful space. But before you unpack, you have to pack it all up.

Most of us live a green or semi green lifestyle. Using lots of boxes and packing paper can be a painful experience for anyone. We worry about the waste. Unfortunately, this is a must when you are moving. In order to protect and transport your items, they need to be properly packed.

Here are the supplies that you need to pack up your home:

  1. Tape gun and rolls of tape. Using a tape gun and buying refills is the way to go. If you don’t have a tape gun, consider borrowing one from a friend.
  2. Packing paper- You will need a lot of this to cousin boxes and wrap your breakables.
  3. Bubble wrap- This is needed to cushion your very fragile pieces
  4. Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Packing up a house can cost you 300 to 800 dollars in new boxes and supplies. Yup, its pretty darn pricey. Here are some way to reuse packing items.

Check out or Craigslist. People are always getting  rid of moving boxes and paper. You can also out in a request on these pages as well. If your neighborhood has a weblink  such as every block or next door, consider asking for boxes and paper. My neighborhood has a link called Free box in which people ask and give items away.

There are also companies that sell used boxes. While these are very inexpensive, the boxes tend to be odd sized. Some of them have been on the thinner side.

And most importantly- start early. Don’t wait till the last minute to pack up your home.

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