Tidee Box- Small Organizing Items that Make a Difference

First there was Birchbox, then Barkbox, now there is Tidee Box for those of us that love organizing systems. This was the brain child of Professional Organizer Tamar Bazin. Being an organizing diva, I had to check it out.

My first thought was – would these products be useful or would they just add more stuff to a clients home? Tamar, assured me that the products were hand picked by professional organizers and they would be useful in any household. I waited in anticipation to see what would be in the box. Since many organizing products are quite large, I didn’t now what to expect.

Then I got the box. Right away, I noticed that the focus of Tidee box was small products that make a difference.  I liked the fact that it came with a brochure to explain how to utilize each product.

Being a professional organizer, I like to think that I am very versed in the latest and greatest products. I found several items in the box that I didn’t know existed. I am especially thrilled about the bobino phone holder. Its a simple piece that you can hang on the plug of a phone charger when its plugged in the wall. No more having to sit your phone on a bench or seat at the airport. For those of us who are clean freaks, this is great!!

My other favorite product was the wooden coffee spoon and bag sealer. No more having to dig a spoon out of the drawer when I am half asleep to make my coffee. Sometimes its the little things in life that make a difference.

Its the perfect time to get organized. January is deemed “Go Month” or “Get Organized” month by the NAPO. Why not start 2018 by getting organized in your home and office.




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