Get Organized- Starting Off 2018 On the Right Track

And so another year has passed. January is deemed “GO” month or get organized month by  NAPO. I find that many people, myself included want to start off the year clean and fresh. What about you?

I always analyze the year before and see how I can make things better. What worked and what didn’t work in my life and work environment. This year is was a simple change of adding the Chase app on my phone(so I don’t have to make trips to the bank) and Venmo so my clients had another way to pay me. Otherwise, all is well in the Kelly house.

I also strive to start  the new year with a clean slate. I like to have any lingering home projects finished. I also like to attack my taxes as soon as they forms start coming in the mail. A crazy amount of business caused me to delay a few home projects, but two cherished days off this week gave me to time to knock them out. I patched a spot in the ceiling, spot repaired some spots on my wooden floor, and painted my bathroom. The taxes are also done and just waiting for a few more forms before they are dropped off to the accountant.

Other goals include, my personal and professional goals for the year. I like to write them out and display them. This keeps me honest. Its also makes me happy to see what I have accomplished during the year!!

So what is lingering in your life? Is now the right time to finish out those projects? Make a list of what you need to do and tackle it as time allows.

Have a wonderful 2018!!!!

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