Six Reasons We Can't Get Rid Of Stuff

One of my tops tips for organizing is to limit the incoming. Once it comes in your home, its hard to let it go. There are all sorts of reasons that we can’t let it go of things  when they doesn’t provide a use for us anymore. Here are the top six reasons  I hear for keeping things.

  • I PAID FOR IT. The money guilt. Yes, we all make purchase mistakes. Whether it’s clothing or some gadget that we feel will change our lives for the better. If you realize that you aren’t utilizing it, consider selling or donating it.
  • IT’S WORTH A LOT OF MONEY. Do you know this for sure? Did your grandparents tell you it was valuable and to keep it? Times have changed. A lot of those treasures aren’t deemed valuable by the new generation. People aren’t collecting like they used to years ago. If you think you items are worth money, google them online.
  • YOU ARE GOING TO SELL THEM.  Do you have a sell pile? How long has it been sitting?
  • YOU WANT TO FIND THE PERFECT PLACE TO DONATE. We all want our items to go to good use after we choose to release  them. Generally when you are purging or donating, you have many different categories. We could all spend hours trying to figure out where to donate.
  • I MIGHT NEED IT- Who wants to re-buy stuff when we already have it?
  • TECHNOLOGY- All those cords. Do you have the cord bin? Label cords as they come in and when you upgrade or sell the item, let them go as well.

We all have things in our home that we don’t use or need. Evaluate category by category then donate, recycle, or sell. The longer you keep it, the less use it will be to someone else.

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