How To Be More Organized

At the end of every year, I do an evaluation. How did the year go? What did I like ? What worked and what didn’t work. For someone who runs a business, gives speeches, and is very social, I have to be on target. That means streamlining my life and having good time management.

So what worked? Doing all my holiday shopping on black Friday and Cyber Monday via the web. I simply picked out the items I wanted to purchase and waited for the sales to buy them. I even got myself a new fitbit. Now I can spend the rest of the holiday season relaxing.

And what areas do I feel could be improved? The time that I spend running to the bank and dealing with client invoicing. Yup, the non techy gal is getting with the program. I downloaded the bank app and now just snap away instead of driving to the bank. I also downloaded a few other payment apps to give me clients a choice.

Even though this was a small change, it saves time. Every minute counts.

What can you do the make your life easier and save time? Think about it!!

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