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Staying Organized- Limiting the Incoming

When stuff comes in, sometimes its hard to get it out the door. Especially if you don’t know what to do with it. Limiting the incoming of items, its a huge step towards staying organized in your home or office. Here are some helpful tips to help you stay on track. Unsubscribe from not needed... Read more »

Can This Marriage Be Saved- Different Organizing Styles

There are those of us that put things in a specific place. And then there are some that take it a step further and label and containerize it. On the flip side, some of us just toss it anywhere. And lets not forget the bag organizers. Yes, those people that just toss multiple categories in... Read more »

How Do You Organize- Band Aids Or Solutions

We all have different organizing styles. Some of us like the pretty while others want things to be strictly functional. But the most important thing is  to understand the difference in between creating solutions and band aids. An organizing band aid is a quick solution that may or may not have a lasting effect. This... Read more »

Do You Have Paper Paranoia?

In a world that is going paperless, there are still quite a few people that have “Paper Paranoia.” Yes, those that just can’t seem to let it go. Paper represents undone actions. Many people choose to keep paper to trigger them that they need to do something or a reminder of something that has been... Read more »

Utilizing The Guest Room Closet

In a perfect situation, we would all have a guest room and a closet that guests can use. This closet would contain a suitcase rack, some hangers, and extra linens for the guests.  While this is a nice pipe dream, many of us need to use our guest room closet for extra storage. With that... Read more »

Tips To Help You Avoid Buying Mistakes

I love the color Kelly green. Always have, always will. The color looks great with my dark hair and light skin. Apparently the rest of America does’t feel the same way. Kelly green isn’t one of the prime colors that you see in clothing on a regular basis. When I see something in that color,... Read more »